“Ohio Supreme Court ruled 6-1 to potentially allow part of a state wildlife area to be strip-mined for coal.”
— Ruling could open up $2 million of coal to be dug out of a 651-acre section of the Brush Creek Wildlife Area owned by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. (via think-progress)

Motherfucking goddamnit. When will you people get it? In destroying the earth, we will only succeed in destroying ourselves.

“I feel small; but so are stars from a distance.”
— ten word poem, i.  (via maras-dyer)

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abolish the concept of ‘passing’ & start accepting that theres no specific way any gender has to look to be valid

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In light of the recent events at Mount Holyoke and Mills College, a few Q&A members are planning a trans and non-binary student caucus to talk out a strategy for policy reform concerning trans men, non-binary and/or genderqueer students. Q&A members have avoided taking a stance…

This is a start. I wish I could be there to listen in on this conversation because it’s been a long time coming. Come on y’all, Moho is making you look bad.


sexual liberation comes not just from having sex

but from the decision to have your sexual experiences on your own terms

which can mean deciding to have sex with whomever and however many times you want

or deciding to have no sex

the empowerment comes from the decision and having that decision respected

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this dog brings me great joy and eternal peace 

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i do not chase people

i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends

hell, i don’t even chase family

i’m here, and i’m important

i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

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